The Lord is Risen!



Our Lord is Risen!

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For those who don’t know (I didn’t until I went to college), the traditional Easter greeting is:

The Lord is Risen!

To which the traditional reply is:

He is Risen Indeed!

Today’s post is going to be that greeting to all.  That and this clip or our choir anthem for today: Risen Indeed!

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Ten Years in the Planning — Four Hours in the Execution



The project that kept Jonathan and Nathan busy all afternoon.

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I’m a happy camper — satisfied with the results of a city project — satisfied with the performance of the private contractor the city hired to do the water main replacement in front of our house.

I have done several blogs over the past few months (starting in November) about the city’s project of replacing our small water mains in our neighborhood and the neighborhoods around us.

From the start we were very satisfied with the work done by the private contractor, and with how sensitive they were to the residents. We never had any problems getting in or out when they were working on our street. They always saw us, and other residents, and let us through at the earliest opportunity.

Measuring the ditch before starting the project.

Measuring the ditch before starting the project.

My only complaints with the project were two-fold:

  1. When the water main burst it went for days with no one from…

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My novel, “An Elfy on the Loose” Is Now Available



My friend Barb’s book is now up live!

Originally posted on Barb Caffrey's Blog:

It’s been a long time in coming, but my first novel, AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE (now with a subtitle of “Book One of the ELFY duology”) is now available at and will be available soon at all major e-book retailers.

I’m very pleased that AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE is now out, even though I hadn’t expected it to “go live” on Amazon tonight, of all nights — but as it has, I figured I’d best skedaddle and get a blog post up, pronto.

For those of you who want a sample, please go here and read the first five chapters ofAN ELFY ON THE LOOSE . . . then, I hope you’ll go to Amazon and get the e-book, as it’s on sale for a limited time at the low price of $3.99.

Because I’m a new author, and because I’m decidedly not well known…

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Writer’s Block


With my pen in my hand,
I glare at the page.
“Why won’t the words come?”
I rant and I rave.

When I do other things,
Thoughts flow in by the score.
But when I pick up a pen,
They flee out the door.

And the ideas I grab
Are so thin and so weak,
Instead of those bold thoughts
I was trying to seek?

All my bright dreams
So quickly disperse,
And I’m stuck with this poem,
For better or verse.

Concrete Poured


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Today is another one of my photo essays on the new water main work on our street. Today’s topic, our ditch is finally being repaved.


As you look at the pictures, you will notice there are footprints on the concrete. When Betsy left the house at 12:23 there was a backhoe in the ditch digging it down and shaping it. Between then and when the boy got home from school around 3:30, they dug the ditch down to the level of the culvert pipe and lined it with concrete, and were puttering around with other things.  By the time Betsy got home at 5:08, someone had walked in the concrete and put the footprints in it — we don’t know who.


The concrete itself looks fine, but if you look at the depth on the photos, you will notice that the ground level is below the concrete on both sides…

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Drip Drop


Drip drop drip drop
Listen as the water plops
From the faucet in the sink
To the empty cooking pots.

Plink plunk plink plunk
As each water droplet falls,
Hear it settle in the puddle
That ever slowly upward crawls.

Splish splash splish splash
Hear the pots completely fill,
Growing fuller with each drop
Until out into the sink they spill.

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Here’s another poem for NaPoWriMo. I think it actually needs a closing verse, possibly a couple of them, but I’m letting this one stand for now.

The young man stood facing
The huge Philistine
A stone in his hand,
His weapon, a sling.

“Who comes to fight me?”
The enemy reviled.
“I’m a mighty warrior,
He’s but a child!”

“A stone in his hand?
Does he think I’m a beast?”
He shouted to all,
Not afraid in the least.

“I fight not with stone,
With spear, or with sword.
I come to face you
In the name of the Lord!”

The stone shot out,
It flew true and straight.
And killed the brash giant
Who learned fear too late.



Tomorrow, a day that has no flaws,
Shining, gleaming, in the light.
We see it, while burdened down with laws,
Longing, ever, to take flight.

Each new morning, each new day,
Calls us to begin anew,
Seeking to find a perfect way,
Looking for a pathway true.

Showers and sunlight cleanse the air,
The wind blows ever near and far.
Green grows the grass in a land without care.
Tomorrow, shining like a star.

Over the Rocks


Over the rocks, over the stones,
Flows the rushing stream.
Here it runs, there it pools,
Reflecting the sun with a gleam.

Down its banks the dog and boy
Search for treasures in the sand.
Sight and sound, and touch and smell
Help them to find what’s at hand.

Here they dig, there they roam,
Over mud and sand and stone.
Soaked and filthy from their fun,
At last they run toward home.