Joyeous Pome


To the tune of “As with Gladness”

Easter morning rises fair
As the sun now gilds the air.
Glorious the Risen King
To whom the Church will bow and sing.

Holy, Holy, Holy He.
The Blessed One, the Blessed Three.

The Creator of the sun and light,
Maker of all sound and sight
Father God, we praise your name
Ever glorious, all the same.

Holy, Holy, Holy He.
Father of the Trinity.

And the Spirit, God’s third part,
Which binds the church from heart to heart.
Comforter, abiding friend,
Intercessor, until the end.

Holy, Holy, Holy He
The holder of infinity.

And the Godhead, Three in One,
Father, Spirit, and the Son.
Worship Them, bow and adore,
Forever, ever, evermore.

Holy, Holy, Holy Three.
Blessed throughout eternity.