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I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule that will allow me to write, exercise, and get the house work done. And I’ve got one that works, if I actually follow it. That’s the hard part.

It involves me leaving the house at 9, 9:30 at the latest. Monday and Friday, I can go down to the community center, and take some water exercise classes, while Tuesday and Thursday I can work with the weight machines. Wednesday, I go grocery shopping. However, if I don’t get out of the house by 9 on the class days, or 9:30 (though 9 would be better), I have a tendency to waste the whole day. I can go to the classes from 9:30 to 10:15, or whenever they end, get to the library by 11, write until 1, come home again, and work on cleaning. Funny thing is, though, if I don’t leave the house, then absolutely nothing gets done. I don’t like that, and need to figure out how to change it.

I’m also going to have to figure out a different schedule for when the kids get out of school. But fortunately, I’ve got some months to consider it.

I’ve been working on my Unicorn Return story, and having a blast with it. It is really annoying, though. I can sit at my AlphaSmart Neo and write this blog without any trouble (I have more trouble remembering to put it into the computer and posting it), but I can’t sit here and write my story that way. I’ve tried, and I stare at the screen, and it stares back at me. So, I’ve been writing it out by hand, then typing it into the Neo the next day. That way, I don’t get too much of a back-log needing to be typed, and get my mind going the right direction in the universe. I’m writing between 400-500 words per day (though today I got over 700 words), which means that I can write the worth of a NaNoWriMo day in approximately a week. Though, if I can get the house caught up enough, I could probably squeeze another hour into the day somewhere, and get another 400+ words. That would be good.

Interestingly enough, though, now that I’m writing several times a week, my handwriting has improved considerably, and I think I’m able to write faster, too. I can read my writing most of the time now. It might even have improved enough that other people might almost be able to make it out. Sometimes. It wasn’t what I was going for when I started this, but I’ll take it.


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