Time for a different purse.


Yesterday I finally gave up on my fanny pack. I think that that one was about a year and a half old, and was falling apart, and my phone kept falling out of its pocket. I’d really like them to hold up better than that, but we haven’t really found anything that will.

I’ve been looking at Wal-Mart and Target to see if they had any bags that I’d like, but I haven’t been able to find anything. I find big bags, little bags, in-between bags, but nothing that’d really fit me. Fanny packs are not in at the moment, so I didn’t really expect to find one. We’ve been buying them the last few years at Worlds of Fun, so maybe I’ll be able to get a decent one once they open this summer.

But anyway, if I can’t find a fanny pack, my next choice would be one of those smaller over the shoulder half backpack bags. But those must also be out of style, since I couldn’t find any. The purses and bags that I could find all tended to have the same problem, though. A serious lack of pockets. I depend on pockets to keep all my stuff organized, so that I can find it. Keys go in this pocket, phone goes in that one, calendar and notebook go over there, pens go here (by the way, I need to dig out some more), etc. But the big totes all had one pocket, and some others may have had one or two, but that’s it. One bag looked promising, but half its pockets were fake, and the rest were pitifully small. What’s the point in putting a fake pocket on a bag?

I finally dug out one of my old purses that I could find, and transferred my stuff into it. I haven’t used it in years, it’s probably older than my son (12). It’s decent sized, with enough pockets and divisions to satisfy me, and in reasonably good shape. But the day that I’ve been carrying it reminds my why I switched to fanny packs in the first place. Any time I move at all, it slips off my shoulder, and down my arm, so I have to keep sliding it up. I’d far rather have my arms free.