Loud Noises


Last night, while we were getting ready to head out, the wind was really blowing. It kept threatening rain, but we didn’t really see any at the time. I started hearing an intermittent crack-bang sound from outside, but had no idea what was causing it, so went to check. I started seeing flashes, too, so I was concerned it was something electrical.

Sure enough, when I got so where I could see what was going on, I saw flashes of light on the electrical wires, with the big bangs. They’d pop up here, or there, all along the wire, and I could see them through the trees.

I’ve seen those types of flashes before. Once was when a wire was down in our neighbors yard. We had called the electric company about it, and someone else apparently called the fire department, because they showed up too. That time, I think the explosive sounds were far louder, but that could be my memory playing tricks on me.

The last time I saw those flashes were at this house, during (or just after) an ice storm, which had coated the wires.

Of course, I called the electric company right away, and let them know that their wire was sparking. The wind had shifted while I was talking to them, and the sparks stopped, fortunately. It was a few hours before they sent over a truck (I was just thankful they didn’t wait until morning), and I didn’t envy the guy working out in the cold, wet, dark.

Hopefully they have fixed it. I guess we’ll find out the next time there’s a high wind like that.


Once again a busy week has passed by, with apparently little accomplished in it. My husband is busy at work, far too busy, once again, and comes home tired and cranky. My kids are busy at school, with homework most night. The dog, of course, just wants to be walked and fed, with time to nap and get belly rubs. And if we take him outside, he enjoys it so much he resists being taken back in.

Yesterday I had left him outside for a while. It was a bit cool, but well within his comfort level. I got busy doing other stuff, then went to check on him again, and realized that it had started raining in the meantime. Not enough to make much noise, but enough to get the deck and driveway wet. Of course I went out to get him right away. He was lying under the deck, having got himself a little nest under there. He was quite glad to see me, but his fur was only slightly damp on the outside, not nearly wet enough for him to actually feel it, and he still didn’t want to come in. If I had known that the rain was pretty much stopped at that point, and not going to start up again, I probably would have let him stay out there, but I made him come in. He soon settled, and took yet another nap, so I think he got over that disappointment.

Book Review: Wolf Time, by Lars Walker.


Since Lars was kind enough to let me have a copy of his book “Troll Valley” to review last spring {{put in links to both}}, I thought I probably should read the rest of his books. And, some months later, I finally have.

Like much of today’s popular fiction, Wolf Time takes place in a dystopian world, and like many of them, the dystopia passes itself off internally as being just two steps short of a utopia. But unlike many of them, it isn’t a post-apocalyptic dystopia (it might be a pre-apocalyptic dystopia, but that’s a different discussion), so many of the characters actually remember better times. Instead it’s a dystopia based on political correctness gone mad, and as such I find it far scarier than other dystopian literature I’ve read recently.

The story takes place in a small mid-western Christian college, shortly after a federal bill passed that defined legitimate religions, and only allowed full freedom of speech to them. There is also a small group of terrorists convinced they’re doing the Lord’s work, a small cult group in a farm on the edge of town, and a scary, but usually genteel, old man who may or may not be the incarnation of Odin. And miracles happening on both sides. Altogether a very weird, but interesting book. Fortunately, I’ve always liked weird.

I’d say my favorite part of the book though, is toward the end, when one of the characters gets a vision of the two rather stern founders of the college. It seems that in heaven, they were given the task of learning vaudeville, since it appears that God thought that one of the main things lacking in their lives was a sense of frivolity.

Weathering Weather


We’re into the glorious fall weather again. This sure beats the super hot summer we had. 100+ temperatures for weeks on end is not the type weather conducive to, well, much of anything.

The dog, especially, didn’t like it. He’s a cool weather dog, with his extra thick coat. This summer he spent most of it sneaking down to the basement, lying down on the cold, hard, concrete floor, and then not moving. Unless someone opened the garage door without checking where he was first, of course, then he was off and gone, and we might not see him for a couple of days.

In this type of weather, though, Rocky (the dog) wants to go outside much more. It’s really too cool for us to go out and just sit for any length of time (as opposed to walking, for instance), but he’ll go out on his line, and lie either in the sunshine or shade for hours on end, and fuss if anyone tries to bring him in before he’s ready.

And we’re still somewhat behind in the rain than we should be, though much better than it was this summer. Now when there’s a fire alert on the weather pop-up, it’s orange, rather than red, like it was for weeks on end then.

Personally, I could like to have this weather all year round. Maybe two weeks of hot weather in the summer, and two weeks of snow in the winter, then 60s to 70s in the days and 50s at night for the rest of the year.

I suppose it’d get boring eventually though.

Catching Up


School has been back in session for nearly a month now. So I decided it was high time for me to get back into writing. I had meant to do it as soon as school started again, but with one thing or another, it got away from me.

Have you ever noticed that? Things always seem to conspire against you, when you’re trying to do something you should.

Of course, the reverse is also true, things tend to work with you when you want to do something when you really know better.

Fortunately that excessive heat that marked the summer has passed into the more typically cool fall weather. Leaves have started turning, looking far prettier than we were expecting from the drought and lack of rain. We still haven’t gotten enough rain to make up for it, though things are getting better. It does seem like there is a burn warning on the Weather station at least once a week or so. At least, though, it’s an orange warning, rather than a red one like it was all summer.

We finished our summer with a trip to Disney World, and saw the in-laws there on their trip. It was a good time, even though there was quite a bit of rain on some of the days. (Hurricane Isaac was wandering by.) It did help keep the crowds down. There were a couple of days that any ride we wanted to get on, all we had to do was walk up to it and get on. Which was fun. Didn’t last, though, of course. But Disney has learned a lot about crowd control, and keeping people happy in lines since the first days when Disneyland opened.

We’d been saving up for this trip since January, and we should have it fully paid off by the end of the year (knock on wood). It’ll probably be at least 10 years before we make it back there again.