Catching Up


School has been back in session for nearly a month now. So I decided it was high time for me to get back into writing. I had meant to do it as soon as school started again, but with one thing or another, it got away from me.

Have you ever noticed that? Things always seem to conspire against you, when you’re trying to do something you should.

Of course, the reverse is also true, things tend to work with you when you want to do something when you really know better.

Fortunately that excessive heat that marked the summer has passed into the more typically cool fall weather. Leaves have started turning, looking far prettier than we were expecting from the drought and lack of rain. We still haven’t gotten enough rain to make up for it, though things are getting better. It does seem like there is a burn warning on the Weather station at least once a week or so. At least, though, it’s an orange warning, rather than a red one like it was all summer.

We finished our summer with a trip to Disney World, and saw the in-laws there on their trip. It was a good time, even though there was quite a bit of rain on some of the days. (Hurricane Isaac was wandering by.) It did help keep the crowds down. There were a couple of days that any ride we wanted to get on, all we had to do was walk up to it and get on. Which was fun. Didn’t last, though, of course. But Disney has learned a lot about crowd control, and keeping people happy in lines since the first days when Disneyland opened.

We’d been saving up for this trip since January, and we should have it fully paid off by the end of the year (knock on wood). It’ll probably be at least 10 years before we make it back there again.