Weathering Weather


We’re into the glorious fall weather again. This sure beats the super hot summer we had. 100+ temperatures for weeks on end is not the type weather conducive to, well, much of anything.

The dog, especially, didn’t like it. He’s a cool weather dog, with his extra thick coat. This summer he spent most of it sneaking down to the basement, lying down on the cold, hard, concrete floor, and then not moving. Unless someone opened the garage door without checking where he was first, of course, then he was off and gone, and we might not see him for a couple of days.

In this type of weather, though, Rocky (the dog) wants to go outside much more. It’s really too cool for us to go out and just sit for any length of time (as opposed to walking, for instance), but he’ll go out on his line, and lie either in the sunshine or shade for hours on end, and fuss if anyone tries to bring him in before he’s ready.

And we’re still somewhat behind in the rain than we should be, though much better than it was this summer. Now when there’s a fire alert on the weather pop-up, it’s orange, rather than red, like it was for weeks on end then.

Personally, I could like to have this weather all year round. Maybe two weeks of hot weather in the summer, and two weeks of snow in the winter, then 60s to 70s in the days and 50s at night for the rest of the year.

I suppose it’d get boring eventually though.