Book Review: Wolf Time, by Lars Walker.


Since Lars was kind enough to let me have a copy of his book “Troll Valley” to review last spring {{put in links to both}}, I thought I probably should read the rest of his books. And, some months later, I finally have.

Like much of today’s popular fiction, Wolf Time takes place in a dystopian world, and like many of them, the dystopia passes itself off internally as being just two steps short of a utopia. But unlike many of them, it isn’t a post-apocalyptic dystopia (it might be a pre-apocalyptic dystopia, but that’s a different discussion), so many of the characters actually remember better times. Instead it’s a dystopia based on political correctness gone mad, and as such I find it far scarier than other dystopian literature I’ve read recently.

The story takes place in a small mid-western Christian college, shortly after a federal bill passed that defined legitimate religions, and only allowed full freedom of speech to them. There is also a small group of terrorists convinced they’re doing the Lord’s work, a small cult group in a farm on the edge of town, and a scary, but usually genteel, old man who may or may not be the incarnation of Odin. And miracles happening on both sides. Altogether a very weird, but interesting book. Fortunately, I’ve always liked weird.

I’d say my favorite part of the book though, is toward the end, when one of the characters gets a vision of the two rather stern founders of the college. It seems that in heaven, they were given the task of learning vaudeville, since it appears that God thought that one of the main things lacking in their lives was a sense of frivolity.