Once again a busy week has passed by, with apparently little accomplished in it. My husband is busy at work, far too busy, once again, and comes home tired and cranky. My kids are busy at school, with homework most night. The dog, of course, just wants to be walked and fed, with time to nap and get belly rubs. And if we take him outside, he enjoys it so much he resists being taken back in.

Yesterday I had left him outside for a while. It was a bit cool, but well within his comfort level. I got busy doing other stuff, then went to check on him again, and realized that it had started raining in the meantime. Not enough to make much noise, but enough to get the deck and driveway wet. Of course I went out to get him right away. He was lying under the deck, having got himself a little nest under there. He was quite glad to see me, but his fur was only slightly damp on the outside, not nearly wet enough for him to actually feel it, and he still didn’t want to come in. If I had known that the rain was pretty much stopped at that point, and not going to start up again, I probably would have let him stay out there, but I made him come in. He soon settled, and took yet another nap, so I think he got over that disappointment.