Loud Noises


Last night, while we were getting ready to head out, the wind was really blowing. It kept threatening rain, but we didn’t really see any at the time. I started hearing an intermittent crack-bang sound from outside, but had no idea what was causing it, so went to check. I started seeing flashes, too, so I was concerned it was something electrical.

Sure enough, when I got so where I could see what was going on, I saw flashes of light on the electrical wires, with the big bangs. They’d pop up here, or there, all along the wire, and I could see them through the trees.

I’ve seen those types of flashes before. Once was when a wire was down in our neighbors yard. We had called the electric company about it, and someone else apparently called the fire department, because they showed up too. That time, I think the explosive sounds were far louder, but that could be my memory playing tricks on me.

The last time I saw those flashes were at this house, during (or just after) an ice storm, which had coated the wires.

Of course, I called the electric company right away, and let them know that their wire was sparking. The wind had shifted while I was talking to them, and the sparks stopped, fortunately. It was a few hours before they sent over a truck (I was just thankful they didn’t wait until morning), and I didn’t envy the guy working out in the cold, wet, dark.

Hopefully they have fixed it. I guess we’ll find out the next time there’s a high wind like that.