Walking the Dog, and DST


As I was walking Rocky the other morning, we passed the yard of another dog, who frequently gets out and bothers us. I watched as he ran through his gate, and came and barked at us. The dogs sniffed at each other suspiciously for a moment, then the other dog’s owner came out and yelled at him to get back in the yard. Unlike Rocky, that dog was obedient enough to run in through the gate. But then he ran quickly to the corner of the yard, and slipped through the corner of the fence, between two closely placed fence posts, as quickly and slickly as if there weren’t any fence there at all, and came back and barked at us again. The lady yelled at him again, and he went back through the gate, and out between the fence posts. This happened two or three times, the dogs obviously enjoying it thoroughly, before the other dog gave up, and followed the lady back up the stairs into the house.

In other news, the time changes this weekend, so I need to make sure to run out and get batteries for the fire alarms. I think we tend to forget half the time.

I’m not all that fond of time changes, though I’m not as adamant against them as some people. I am glad, however, that if they’re going to have it, they changed the starting date for it from the last Sunday in October to the first Sunday in November. It makes a lot more sense for it to happen after Halloween, when so many kids are out trick or treating, then have it happen right before it, and have people still getting used to dark coming so early in the evening.

Rocky, I’m sure, will adjust to the time change just fine, though it may take him a few days to get used to the idea that we’re getting up an hour later, and so taking him out for his first morning walk an hour later. Dogs can usually adjust pretty quickly to whatever crazy nonsense their people get up to.