Story notes


In the story I’m writing, Our Heroes have been caught in a huge thunderstorm, that’s causing some flooding, and other problems.  Oddly enough, there’s no wind. Several of the characters have remarked upon it, as well as noting that there’d only been “isolated showers” forecast for that day.

Finally it occurred to me, maybe this is no ordinary storm! doo doo doo doot. doo doo doo doot. Which probably means that the McGuffin that I merely meant as a plot device to get Our Heroes together with the Wise Old Sage, and get his mind thinking in the correct era, may actually be Something More.

I need to get back to writing.




I’ve been laughing a bit at the way WordPress mashes numbers. For instance, if you look over in the side column, you see that WordPress claims that I have 373 followers to this blog. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

However, I can see that it’s counting my 87 Twitter followers, and 280 of my 293 Facebook ‘friends’. I don’t know why it doesn’t count all of my FB friends, unless it can somehow figure that some of them are also Twitter followers. I only have 6 real followers, one of whom is my husband, another is an old internet friend. I have no idea who the rest are.

Half of my Facebook friends are people I friended for the sake of playing Gardens of Time, and don’t really have any other contact with.

I consider it to be a good day when WordPress credits me with 10 clicks, my average is more like 5. In fact, my husband doubled my number of clicks in the past two days when he visited my blog this morning.

Though, I’m not entirely certain what WordPress counts as a click. I have had comments and “likes” on posts in the past when there are no clicks recorded for it. I don’t know how that’s possible. And I mean real comments, not the “I’m from XYZ website, and let me tell you how you can increase your numbers” spam comments. (The other popular spam comment begins, “I’ve gotten lots of helpful advice from your site.” Since I’ve not offered any advice, as far as I know, that one always makes me laugh.)

Now, I’m not complaining, understand. I’m writing this blog for me, and if other people like it, all the better. I’ve gotten enough response back that I don’t feel like I’m always broadcasting into the void. (Sometimes, not always.)

Of course, I know the big thing to attract followers, I actually have to write posts. I’ve been keeping this blog since May, 2009, and I’ve only written 46 posts, 6 of which are due for future publication, since they’re seasonal (and I didn’t want to overwhelm my few readers with a bunch of old poetry posts all at once). That’s pathetic. I’m trying to do better.

So, my few readers, thank you for your kind attention. I will try to put out more tidbits for you to read in the future. ❤ (less than three).

Other number notes: I completely filled up one notebook with the story I’m writing, and pulled down another old one to work in. It has wide ruled paper rather than college ruled, which means that when I fill up a page, I can figure an average of 80 words on a page, rather than 110 which I was getting on the other one. Not that I expect anyone else to care. 😉