Since the last blog post was named Numbers, I really wanted to name this post Deuteronomy (starts singing Deuteronomy, Deuteronomy, like in this  video, on a riverboat!). But I won’t.

Around here, in a lot of places, the electric company comes out every few years, and gives the trees near the wires a good trim to keep the wires clear. This is good for the wires, especially since we tend to have bad ice storms every two to three years, and a falling branch can put even more stress on an iced up wire.

We’ve lived here ten years, and they’ve never done any routine trimming near the wires behind our house (emergency trimming once or twice, but not routine), but that’s another story.

There is one place on the road, where we drive by frequently, that they have trimmed the trees many times. The trees are in a small stretch of grass between the wires and the road, and are regularly trimmed on one side. When we first moved into the area, the trees both leaned slightly toward the road, away from the wires, but we didn’t think anything of it. But as the years went on, and the trees continued to be trimmed on one side, the weight on the other side started causing them to lean more and more. They aren’t leaning enough to look like they’re about to fall over, or anything like that. Yet, anyway. But we’re keeping an eye on them. One of these years, it might change. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if someone decided the trees needed to come down before then, just to make sure that they won’t fall and block the road at the worst possible time.

I don’t know why some trees start tilting like that, and others don’t. There are some other trees on the same stretch of road that are about as close to the wires, and have been trimmed, but stand up straight. They look like a big bite’s been taken out of them, but at least they don’t lean. Of course, they are on the other side of the wires, not next to the road. Perhaps that makes a difference.