Run Away Dog, and Injured Boy


Rocky ran off again yesterday. He manages to escape every few months, and runs off to enjoy himself running through the woods. We had had him out on his line, and I could see him sunning himself on the steps. I asked my daughter, Gidget, to go check on him, to see if he wanted to come in or not. Apparently he didn’t want to come in, since he ran off as soon as he saw her, and continued to run as he hit the end of his line, and the woods. I doubt that he realized that he could run off until that point.

The kids went out on a fruitless attempt to find him, tromping through the woods and down by the creek, but he didn’t choose to show himself to them. But Dash came back with an injured foot, where a branch came up and attacked him. I’m not sure how he got the injury on the top of his foot, but that’s where it was.

I looked at the injury, and realized that there was a big something still in the wound. If it were just a little splinter, I’d have tried to tweezer it out, but it was more than that, and looked like it might do more damage if I tried to pull it out.

Jonathan was off with our only car, and was only periodically checking his texts and voice mail, so I couldn’t get ahold of him for quite a while. I didn’t think it was worth having Dash walking a mile to the emergency room, so we waited for Jonathan to get home, and then took Dash off to an Urgent Care room.

It didn’t take too much time for the doctor to come and see him, and after deadening the area, she used tweezers to pull out an inch long splinter out of his foot. It was probably at least two millimeters in diameter. It’s amazing it didn’t hurt Dash more.

So, after we dropped Dash off at home, and went to get the anti-biotic prescription filled, we came home, put the car in the garage, and heard jingling off in the distance. We looked out, and there was Rocky at the end of the driveway, watching us. As soon as we called him, he was off again, of course. But it was nice to know that he was in the area, keeping tabs on us, and not injured himself.

The temperatures only got down into the 50s last night, so I wasn’t worried about him getting cold. This morning, he must have figured that he had had enough fun for a while, for when Gidget headed out to the bus stop, he came right up to her, and let himself be caught. I think maybe he wanted his breakfast. I think he’ll be stiff and sore for the next couple of days, but that won’t stop him from running off again the next time he gets an opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Run Away Dog, and Injured Boy

  1. I wonder why he runs off like that. After the few months, Jesse has never tried to run off, even when I leave him out for a while. Even when Rylea and Jake go roaming in the pasture behind the house, Jesse still stays close. Well, I’m glad Rocky came back.


    • We were warned by the shelter that he was an escape artist. I think he just runs off because it’s fun to run in the woods. And even more fun if he can get us to chase him.


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