I’m too busy cleaning today to write anything, and this is very interesting.

Mad Genius Club

Someone asked me about filing the serial numbers from fan fiction.

The subject is not exhaustive, but it does bear, perhaps, walking through.

“Filing the Serial Numbers” is something you do when you just wrote something set in someone else’s (or even one of your own’s – I’ll explain later) universe, and can’t legally (or don’t want to) publish it as part of that universe.

I first heard the expression when our entire group was trying to get into the Strange New World’s contest.  When we actually met Dean Wesley Smith at a workshop, we told him the only bad thing was that the non-placing stories couldn’t be sold.  He looked at us, puzzled, and said “Well, why don’t you file the serial numbers and send it out?”

So, let’s start with a Star Trek story.  Let’s say you just wrote some star trek fanfic, for decompression or whatever, and…

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