Since the world is conspiring against me writing this week (Singing “I’m busy, busy, terribly busy”), I’ll post this interesting post of Sarah’s rather than my own. Hopefully I’ll get back to my stuff soon.

According To Hoyt

I am still reading Paul Johnson – well, I’m not reading much, as any form of mental effort seems to result in lengthy naps.  I do think I’m over whatever the heck this was, but two and a half weeks of being ill, culminating in a stomach disturbance does leave you somewhat weakened.  So I’m reading this book in installments, mostly when I am eating or doing something else that won’t take a long time.  (I like books of essays or very short stories for this, because it allows me to read, then go back to what I was doing without being captured by a novel.)  I hate eating alone, so I read through it.

Anyway, one thing I’ve got as I read about all these founders of the currently predominating intellectual fashion, is that most of them hated people.  They “loved” broad categories of humans: the workers, the downtrodden…

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