When the Time was Right


(When I saw that I had three “Christmasy” type poems in that old notebook, I realized that it was one short of being one per week for Advent. So I decided to try writing one again to make up the number. I don’t think that my imagery is as good as it was when I was younger, but I’m still pleased that I appear to be getting back the gift of poetry, which I haven’t had for a long time.)

When the time was right, He came.
When the world was dark with waiting.
And the shepherds learned His name
As the wise men came.

Into darkness, he brought light.
But the darkness never knew him.
Into wrongness he brought right,
And woke the world from night.

His name is King of kings,
He shall bring the peace forever.
Heaven and Earth shall sing,
As they bow to their King.

He is the living Word.
Without Him, all is silent.
By Him the rocks are heard,
For they praise the living word.