Hello, again


I’ve been neglecting this blog again.

Things got busy in and around Thanksgiving, of course. We hosted it this year, and that made it even busier than usual.

Then I got sick for a couple of days, not much really, but it really wiped me out.

And things like my son getting a big thorn in his foot while looking for the runaway dog have a way of getting between me and my keyboard.

The kids have one more week of school, then are off for a couple of weeks for winter break. I’m going to try to keep up the habit of writing then, though it might be hard, I do most of my writing when they’re in school. But if I can’t keep it up on winter break, then there’ll be no way that I’d be able to do it over next summer, when we’ll be traveling, and I really want to do that.

And my writing does seem to be going well. I’ve got several more hundred words of my story that I need to put into the computer, I was able to write a poem today, right at the moment things are going well.

But I do need to try to post here every day, for my nine readers, and one occasional commenter. Not that this page is more than fluff, especially compared to some other bloggers, but it is my fluff, and I rather enjoy it.