It’s that time of year



When the water mains start breaking.

It began with a leak in the church parking lot a week ago. We drove by, and saw water bubbling up through the seam between the parking lot and the road. Water was coming out at a pretty good pace, running down in a broad sheet down into the parking lot, making a detour to pool in the grass, then going down in another broad sheet to end up in the drain at the center of the lot.

We saw it on Saturday, but didn’t have time to call it in for a couple of days. But we figured it was in a public enough spot that someone else probably would. And they did fix it before the next weekend. Though the road still needs its final asphalt patch.

Then last Wednesday, while walking the dog, I noticed a leak in front of a neighbors house.

This one was a lot harder to spot. It was bubbling up between the roadway and the drainage ditch, then going directly into the drainage ditch, and vanishing under the driveway. If Rocky hadn’t had been thirsty, I probably wouldn’t have even seen it. But I forgot about it on Wednesday, and didn’t report it until Thursday, when it appeared about the same.

But by Friday, when they sent someone out to spray paint it, the leak had added a spot where it was seeping through the asphalt, and pouring down the road. It’s possible that no one else still noticed it, since the water wasn’t coming up through any cracks, just general seepage, and there were plenty of wet spots on the road, though most of them didn’t flow. They still haven’t come by to fix it today, but the leak into the drainage ditch has grown quite a bit larger with more spots where the water coming out. Also, less water is appearing in the roadway, so that’s all in all a gain, I think.

Then today, while walking the dog, I found another leak a couple roads over. It hadn’t been marked yet, so I reported it as well. It bubbling up across a crack in the road (much easier to locate than seepage), and then poured down in a broad sheet down the roadway.

So, that’s three leaks that I’ve seen in close vicinity in less than three weeks. Plus who knows how many others I haven’t seen. And imagine that multiplied through the rest of the city. The water crews must be keeping really busy.