Ice and Snow



Well, last Thursday was to have been the last day of school for the kids before Winter Break, and a half-day at that. But before we got up in the morning, the phone rang, and we got a recorded call saying that school was canceled. When we looked out the window, we could see why. There was a lot of snow coming down sideways. Not much was actually building up on the ground, but what there was was rather icy. It probably wouldn’t have been enough to cancel school in Michigan (at least not when I was a kid), but was plenty for Missouri. So, there was no need to get up for quite a while.

That afternoon, we had plans to drive up go to the dentist and eye-doctor, usually about a twenty-minute drive from where we live now. We called both of them to let them know we were still planning on coming (I think they had a lot of cancellations). The snow had stopped by then, but there was still a lot of wind.

Our street was still bad (we had watched a car trying to drive up it, then give up, and turn around in our driveway and drive back down), but we figured that the highway would probably be cleared by then.

It wasn’t.

The highway was backed up, a lot of traffic on it, all going slow. Instead of our usual twenty minutes time, we had allotted an hour, just in case. And it’s a good thing we did, to, since it took us at least forty minutes to drive up there. The road was still slippery in spots, though most of it was clear, and the slippery spots came up unexpectedly, without warning. And all the big trucks were going no more than 40 mph, and we didn’t really want to pass them. The highway on the other side looked much clearer, and there was much less traffic over there. I don’t know what the difference was.

But anyway, we made it to our appointments in plenty of time, which let us get through them faster (since there had been some other cancellations before us). And the trip home was without incident.