This is the second day of the New Year.

Have you ever noticed that the calendar has several days set apart for new beginnings? There is New Years day, of course, when it is traditional to make resolutions about what you wish to change in the days coming up. And for kids in school, and sometimes their parents, the start of the school year is another time to begin, and start over, doing it better this time, of course. Birthdays also are a natural time to restart, and make new plans. And the Christian calendar Easter and the Lenten season to reflect, and look over what needs to be changed in your life. Christmas and the Advent season would also be a natural time to do this, if it weren’t so close to New Year’s Day, that the new beginnings aspect of it tends to be subsumed into New Year’s.

I’m sure that other calendars that I’m less familiar with also have multiple times to reflect and begin anew. I’m sure that even the ancient Mayans had much shorter times than once every few thousand solar revolutions to have a new beginning.

You could argue that every day begins a new year, and that has some truth to it. One can start new habits/resolutions at any time. But communal reflections and ceremonies can also be meaningful, and help to bind us all together.

Since I’ve forgotten where I was going with this, I’ll just end by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! (Blows noisemaker)


2 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. A happy new year to you as well, and may all the nibbling ducks be turned to pâté! I shot you an email yesterday, but I’m not sure I got the address right. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Many joyous returns to you and yours!


    • Thanks, I got it, but Gmail didn’t mark it as priority, so I didn’t see it until I went looking for it. (Gmail can be funny that way. 😉 ) I’ll reply to you there.


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