More on Water Leaks



I think I mentioned before that they fixed the water leak on our street. They spent a long day working on it, digging it out deeper than I would have thought they needed to. I remember looking out the window in the dark, and seeing one of them climbing out of the hole, his orange hooded jumpsuit covered in mud all the way up to his shoulder.

The other morning I was walking Rocky, and happened to meet the man who lives in that house, and he mentioned that they had fixed the leak, then poured gravel into the hole to bring it up to road level, which promptly created another leak, so they had to start over again. I’ve had days like that, though usually not cold and wet.

Once he said that, certain other things made sense. Like why that particular spot is currently only filled with gravel to about 4-6 inches below the roadway, when usually when they fill the hole, it starts about 3 inches above the road level, and settles down to a small bump. I’m guessing they lost some gravel when they dug it up again. That night they put one small orange cone on the hole, which, as the reflective tape on it had either come off, or gotten dirty enough that it no longer reflected, had vanished by morning. Jonathan called to report that in, and let them know that it was a big enough road hazard that really needed more than one small cone on it. Later that day, they had put up one of those saw-horse type hazard sign, with a light that blinks yellow at night. That’s a much more appropriate warning for the size of hole that’s there.

And yesterday they came by and spray-painted the area again, as well as putting flags up. I’m not sure how much good that will do, though, since they spray painted the snow. It’ll probably take a while for the snow to melt off the grass, but it still might be all gone before they can come back to fix it.

One of the other leaks I’ve seen, on another street, they dug up (and apparently fixed), and filled with the appropriate amount of gravel, completely across the road. That one is fine with just a couple of cones to mark it, since it is just a little lump in the road.

One more leak that I know of is at a fairly busy corner. As far as I know, they haven’t done anything to mark that one. Water is streaming down the side of the street, mixing with the snow and slush to create an impenetrable layer of grey ice, probably between 4-6 inches in height all along one side of the road. That’s a big mess, and water is continuing to come down, along with the melting snow. They probably can’t do much about that one yet, though, until it gets a bit warmer again. (Which it will, this is Missouri, after all.)