Facebook Annoyances


I expect anyone who has is on Facebook knows about the nosy questions Facebook has been asking lately. “What are you thinking?” “What’s up, ::Name::?” “How are you feeling, ::Name::?” “::Name::, what’s going on?”

Most of my friends have been complaining about it vigorously since it started rolling out a month or to ago. I used to complain about it, but a week or two back it switched back to only saying, “What’s on your mind?” without calling me by name. I’m pretty sure that’s what it was saying before it switched. But most of my friends are still complaining about it, so I gather it still hasn’t been rolled back for them.

I don’t know if it’s just a glitch that I’m not getting it any more, or if they’re gradually rolling it back, like they gradually rolled it out. I’m sure that there must be someone out there that likes that feature, but I’ve only seen complaining about it.

I’m thinking that one of the reasons that the way it was asking questions was so annoying, was how frequently it used our names. That took it from an annoying nosy question, to an annoying, nosy, *personal* question. Even though it is obviously just an algorithm and there is no need to answer it, there was still a sense that the computer was being overly intrusive, and asking us questions that we might not be willing to share. (Of course, considering all that everyone does share on Facebook, and other social media, that might seem a silly thing to be concerned about.)

Like most things on Facebook, it might not have been too bad if it were something that one was allowed to choose, rather than being forced on everyone, but Facebook doesn’t like to do things that way.


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