I have several blog entries and some poetry that’s been just sitting here on my Neo, waiting for me to sync it up to my computer, and publish them.

This would only take a few moments, less time than it took to write them, even less time than it would take to format them for my blog.

So why haven’t I done so? Procrastination. It’s not that much work to do it, but it is work, and once you start putting it off, it’s easier to continue putting it off than to do it.

Granted, a good bit of my brainpower at the moment is tied up in the book I’m writing (all my characters, after continuing to complain to me that a huge piece of the puzzle was missing, have found something big. But will they tell me what it is? No. They’re making me wait until tomorrow. Their tomorrow, that is, not mine. They can be as annoying as the kids, sometimes. But I have at least finished another notebook.). But that’s not really an excuse, I should do it anyway.

I’m going to try to have something posted every weekday between now and Easter. I’m hoping that will work out well.