Writing Update



Unfortunately, I let myself be drawn away from my writing over the holiday break, though I hadn’t wanted to be. But I think I’m finally getting back into it. I’ve managed to fill another 9000 word file on my Neo, and expect that it’ll take at least one, possibly two, more to finally reach the end of the story. I’m hoping to get it all done well before summer vacation. Then, of course, I’ll have to edit it. Not fun. At the moment, I still have about 500 words ready to type into the next file.

Things are finally starting to occur, and I think it’s getting pretty exciting, rather than having everyone just standing around talking. Though, at the moment, my characters are standing around talking how things are getting exciting, which is rather less exciting. At least they’re talking, though. I have had times where they’re just standing around giving each other meaningful glances. Makes me want to reach into the notebook, and give them all a good shaking to make them say something.

I’ve had a few scenes where I’m no longer following the main character, but watching a different character. I’m not so certain about those. I’ll probably have to get rid of them before I’m entirely finished.


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