Waiting for the storm


Today has been spent in rather a holding pattern, waiting for the storm that is supposed to hit tonight and most of tomorrow. I already got the week’s grocery shopping done, etc. There is rather a feeling of anticipation in the air, and nothing much we can do about it.

Before the blizzard two years ago, our dog just lay quietly in the corner and slept most of the day, as well as sleeping most of the day when the blizzard hit. He was a bit quieter than usual today, but not nearly as much so as before the blizzard, which does rather suggest to me that the storm won’t be nearly as big as that blizzard was, in spite of all the hype we’ve been getting.

Still, a projected 6-10 inches of snow is nothing to sneeze at. At least not for Kansas City.

We did get the word that school is cancelled for tomorrow, so that’s one thing down.