Watching the snow come down


We’ve had our first major winter snow in two years today. It wasn’t as bad as the blizzard we had a couple of years back, but it looks like about a foot or so of the white stuff came down.

No school for the kids, and they’ve also called it off for tomorrow, also. After a walk this morning, where the dog and I both got a lot of snow caked in our fur, he decided to spend most of the day just resting on the couch.

We saw a truck trying to make it up the hill, and failing. He must have eventually found a way out though, since he’s not there any more.

My husband had the option of staying in town overnight, rather than coming home, but decided not to take it, since the storm wasn’t going to hit until this morning. Tonight, though, he’ll stay in town. Maybe by tomorrow night things will be pretty well plowed out.DSC01965 DSC01968 DSC01994 DSC01971

Comparison shots over about 4 hours of watching the snow come down. I think that more came down than was visible in these shots, but the snow compacted a bit more.

My dog had a good idea on how to spend the day. He’s only allowed to go on the couch in the play room, and officially only when we don’t see him. There’s sometimes interesting definitions of “not seeing him”.




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