Writing Update


I’d been having  some problems with my characters rebelling at me. I finally bit the bullet, and got rid of about 1500 words, and started those scenes over. The main thing was that my Wise Old Sage had told my Young Band of Adventurers something he shouldn’t have, and they all refused to go on any further once they knew. So, go back and have him not tell them that thing, and they don’t rebel, and keep on going. So far it seems to be working.

It’s annoying to have to get rid of a several days’ work, but my characters stopped fighting me, so it’s probably worth it. And I was able to write more than half the words back again today.

I’m pretty sure that my Wise Old Sage isn’t really supposed to know what he told the characters anyway. I’d rather  not have him even suspect until it’s close to being too late.