The Table’s Been Set



The table’s been set,
The bread and the wine.
The Master is waiting,
Now is the time.

Who shall adore Him?
Who shall deny?
Who shall betray Him?
Surely not I?

He took the garb of a servant
Instead of that of a king,
To wait upon His followers,
What will this bring?

The water is waiting,
To cleanse your feet.
The Lord has bowed down
To make your soul complete.

His hands break the bread.
His hands pour the wine.
His hands pass the cup
As He gives us the sign.

The bread is His body,
The wine is His blood poured
The cup is His covenant,
Made for us by the Lord.

Until the Lord returns
To sit upon His throne,
We set the table,
For we are His own.

The table is waiting,
The wine and the bread.
As we return the promise,
And follow what He said.


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