Bats in the Belfry



Or at least in the choir room.

We got to choir last night a bit earlier than we frequently do, or at least there were several people who hadn’t come in, and we were sitting down, starting the practice, when something small flew by, and over everyone’s heads.

My first thought was that it was a small bird, but after a moment, we could all tell by the shape of its wings that it was actually a bat. It circled over the top of our heads, causing screeches every time it came near us. Kevin, the choir director, shrieked at it every time it reached a certain point on its circling arc, causing it to fly back over the choir’s heads.

After it made a couple of circles, some one got up to turn off the lights, and a couple more people tried opening the windows. I stood up myself because I wanted to grab a copy of the music we’d just started practicing before the bat start circling. It circled a few more times, and I had to duck every time it got near my head. It finally settled on the curtains, and I went over by the door and the music, to watch at a safe distance. A few more people trickled in, and I told them about the bat. So a couple of people just stayed out of the room.

Someone had the great idea to trap the bat against the window in a trash can (since we didn’t have any fishing nets). They then covered the top of the trash can with the trash bag, and transferred the bat into the bag. Then, after taking a couple of pictures, they took the bat outside and put it out on the sidewalk.

It just laid there until they came in, but by the time choir was over, half an hour later, it was gone. I expect the poor thing needed a few minutes to catch its breath before flying off, glad to have escaped from all those huge, shrieking monsters.