Every Day


Every day the sun rises,
Each dawn a new birth,
Every morn a new beginning
Betwixt Heaven and Earth.

Every song a bird sings,
Each note, squawk, or call,
Shouts out praise to the Father,
The Lord, the Maker of All.

The clouds hide His glory,
Too great for the Earth.
But mercy and joy drop round us
In tiny droplets of birth.

Each raindrop that falls to Earth
Is a bit of sea on dry land
And I can behold the ocean
In the raindrop I catch on my hand.

The ocean is powerful and mighty,
With depths as yet unknown.
To all but to the Father,
Who gave them their depth and form.

All praise with great praise the Father,
The maker of Heaven and Earth
All praise with great praise the Son
Who became human at birth.
All praise with great praise the Spirit,
God’s breath to the World
All praise beyond bounds to the Three
With songs and glories unfurled.