Fall Weather Again


Well, that cold front that moved through earlier this week has moved on again, leaving weather cooler behind it, but not nearly as cold as it was for those couple of days.

I’m wearing my un-zipped winter coat when I walk the dog in the mornings, though I could probably just get by with a wind-breaker jacket. I also don’t need the hat and gloves any more. Of course, this being Missouri, you can’t count on this weather lasting. Probably get another cold front coming through before too long, with snow behind it.

Rocky would love that. He really loves the snow. Of course, his heavy fur coat helps. He doesn’t care too much about old crunchy snow, but when it’s fresh, he’ll bound through it and snuff in any footprints he sees, which makes him come up sneezing.

I don’t think he cares for rain, though it doesn’t bother him as much as it does me. His thick coat protects him from feeling the wet until he’s been out in it for a while. Of course, then he has to shake himself off once he gets out of it. And then the whole house will smell of wet dog.

For all the fun he has playing in the creek when we let him, he sure doesn’t care for getting wet other times. Like when he’s getting a bath. We have to trap him in the bathroom to get him to even consider going in the tub, and then he’ll just stare at us with those eyes of noble suffering, while we try to move him around so that we can clean all of him. Can’t help feeling sorry for him, though it’s probably at least as much of an act as when he stares at us while we’re eating, with eyes that say he’s such a good dog, and he *never* gets anything to eat.