Water Main Improvement — Interim Progress Report


Jonathan’s take on the water main replacement.

Be Swift, Be Precise


Our section of Kansas City is going through a “small water main improvement project.” Apparently our section of the city is the last part of the Northland to go through it — the process starting about 10 years ago, and our section will get done over the next year.

The process started in August, and they came to us in October/November. The crew of the private contractor hired by the city is doing a good job. When they came down our street they kept disruption to a minimum.  They were very sensitive to watching for people coming and going, and getting us in and out of our driveways.

I learned that though they have the pipes all laid down our street, they haven’t switched us over to the new mains — which explains why we haven’t had any water disruptions yet. They will get a large section done, then switch…

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