More Water Main Repairs


The work on the water mains continues.

Today they dug a trench across the road at the bottom of the hill. This meant that I had to take an alternate route to get home again this afternoon. If it goes like the other places where they’ve dug up the road, it’s probably already mostly filled in, with a couple of metal plates across the road to drive over. Then in a couple of days, they’ll put the last couple inches of asphalt on top of the rough concrete.

We have been wondering what all this digging has done to the automatic sprinkler system of the house on the corner. Many a time we’ve gone past that house and seen the sprinkler running (sometimes in the rain). Obviously they care more about their lawn than we do about ours.

We have been wondering when the switch-over to the new water pipes is going to happen. I understand them wanting to switch over a large area at once. But we have no idea what constitutes large.

I think I mentioned before about when they first finished digging up in front of our house, they sprayed it with a green spray that was supposed to be quick-growing grass seed. It really rained, a gully washer, a couple of days after they did that, and washed away all the grass seed. They sprayed again a couple of days ago, over all the leaves in the drainage ditch. The first guy was really careful about where he sprayed, with very little that went outside of the intended area. The second one sprayed everything.

There is green halfway across the road. There is green halfway up the trees. The new hydrants are green instead of red-orange. The few mailboxes on that side of the road are covered with the stuff. I know it’ll all wash off in the next rain, but I’m still wondering, “What was he thinking?”