Taking the dog biking


On the weekends, my husband tends to go bike riding with the dog. That’s what we call it. He rides his bicycle, and Rocky runs along beside him.

The dog really likes this. He doesn’t get much opportunity to run during the rest of the week. I take him on long walks, from which I come back tired, and he comes back energized, but I don’t run for him. But every time we come across a bicycle while we’re walking (which isn’t really that often), Rocky gets excited.

Jonathan and the dog had a few tumbles on the bike when they started, but once Rocky figured out some basic rules for biking, those incidents went way down.

But these past couple of weeks, they’ve been getting them again.

First, a couple of weeks ago, something decided to cross the road right behind them. Jonathan has no idea what it was, he just heard the leaves rustle. Why it didn’t just continue to hide until they were both further away, we have no idea. But whatever it was, Rocky decided it had to be chased, and went back after it, while Jonathan and the bike kept going forward. Rocky was fine, but Jonathan got some scrapes and bruises, and pulled his wrist.

By the next weekend, Jonathan had basically recovered, so he tried going out with the dog again. This time, Rocky took off running after something while Jonathan had the leash looped between his fingers on the other hand (not the one he had hurt the week before), and it pulled his fingers apart painfully.

Now the back of Jonathan’s hand is swollen, while the palm is bruised purple. He’s wearing a support on that hand, and the other wrist, until the bruising goes down.

I’ve suggested that they don’t do the bicycle thing again until spring.


3 thoughts on “Taking the dog biking

  1. Poor Jonathan! I hope he heals quickly.

    I had an American Eskimo dog when I was a teenager. I used to try to ride my bicycle with her on the leash, but because of her sled dog instincts, she wanted to run right in front of my bike. We gave up on that. However, I would let her pull my younger brother in his wagon. She loved that.


  2. Sorry about your husband. I hope he gets well soon. I used to do the same with Alex until about a year or so ago, but she never pulled me and when I saw her body language ready to go for whatever is that that she saw I got her attention back by saying her name or making noises with my mouth. I took another dog sometime this year for a run and I was teaching him how to run next to me, and did well, but he gets distracted very easy so I chose an area where there is little to nothing going on. Why? I don’t want to end up getting hurt like your husband. I hope they get to go back and bike ride together, but tell him to be careful.


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