Remington Steele


We’ve been watching Remington Steele lately, and having a great time with it.

I remember watching when it was broadcast, and enjoying it then. Good characters, fun plots, romance, mystery, etc. And the fact that Pierce Brosnan was easy on the eyes, and Remington Steele was highly articulate, intelligent, well read (and well movied), didn’t hurt.

We’re watching Season Two now, having finished Season One a week ago or so. For some reason, I thought that the first season intro, where Laura gives the back-story, lasted for the whole show, but once I saw this season’s intro, I remembered it. Laura and Remington are in an empty movie theater (which is appropriate, considering how important movies are to the show), watching and reacting to various clips from the show (it varies a little bit what clips they see). It usually ends with them kissing up on the screen, then cutting back to the popcorn box left behind, their chairs empty.

This season, they got rid of Murphy and Bernice from Season One, and replaced them with Mildred Krebs. Much as I miss Murphy and Bernice (especially Murphy), I have to admit this was a good choice. She’s played by an excellent (and funny) character actress, and has good on-screen chemistry with both of the main characters. And it’s also fun that she’s not in on the secret (though she’s been told about it a couple of different times), still trying to figure out how “He’s the boss, but she’s in charge” actually works.

The mysteries probably have tons of holes in them, if you actually stopped to think about it. (Would a strong magnet in the basement really be precise enough to over-rule a weaker magnet directly under an Ouija board, for instance.) But the show is quick moving, and just plain fun, so you’re not really  going to think about that.


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