Ramblin’ Thoughts


It’s much warmer today than it has been these past few days. Why, the temperature might even make it above freezing!

That, and the fact that the sun is shining means that the little bit of snow that was sticking to the roadways will do a great deal of melting today, which always helps.

It’s good to see a clear blue sky again, after several days of grey clouds. It probably won’t last long, it being Missouri and all. It might snow again this weekend.

I’ve always liked looking at a clear blue sky through tree branches, whether they are covered with leaves or bare. It’s always been a soothing sight, especially when the sky is really blue (which usually means looking straight up at it, rather than along the horizon). I haven’t done that much looking up lately.

When I’m out walking the dog, I’m usually looking down and out, keeping an eye on him, the footing (especially if there is snow, ice, or puddles on the ground), and traffic.

Lately, of course, I’ve also been watching the water construction workers, on whatever stretch of the long walk they’re working that day. Even in the cold, blowy, days that we’ve had, they’ve kept working. Got to admit, that’s a hard job to do, even in warm weather. It’s got to be a real pain in cold, wet weather. And, I’m sure, when they finally finish in our area, and finally get the water switched over to the new pipes, they’ll just have to move on to the next area, and start over again, new.

The dog and I usually walk two, maybe two and a half miles every morning, depending. It takes us about an hour, if I rush the dog. He tends to have two paces, run as fast as he can, or stop and smell everything. I want him to go somewhat in between. I don’t think he understands that. What’s the point going for a walk if you’re neither going to run nor smell everything out there?

So, we get back from our walk, and I’m tired, but he’s energized. I’ve figured out that I’ve got to chase him around a bit (which mostly involves me standing in one spot saying “Grrrr”, while he runs around crazily) for him to work off that energy, and be able to settle. Once we’ve done that, though, he’ll sleep for hours. It must be nice being a dog.