Wintry Weather (Again)



We have a winter weather advisory today, and partway through tomorrow. So far, we’ve just had rain, though. Cold, icy, wet rain.

It started this morning, while I was walking the dog. I was going to be cutting the walk short before the rain started, I was hoping to get back inside before it got too bad.

It wasn’t really that cold out, but cold enough that it started freezing on various surfaces, and I started slipping. I didn’t fall, fortunately, but I was trying to go slow and be careful. The dog didn’t help any, he just wanted to pull me on. (If I were trying to go fast, he would have wanted to stop at every blade of grass and mailbox for a smelling session. Go figure.) This was on the north slope of a hill, going down, of course. I hate going downhill if there is any sort of slickness at all. A lady on the other side of the street came out with her trash, and put it by the side of the road, and then slipped and fell. If I hadn’t had Rocky, I would have gone to help, rather than just asking if she was all right (she was). But I’ve seen how Rocky tries to ‘help’ someone who’s fallen. He tries to encourage them to get up by first jumping on them, then grabbing an arm and pulling on it. At least he did a couple of years ago. Haven’t had much opportunity to see if he’s figured out any better method since then. I did keep an eye on the lady until she was up, and got into her car.

The water construction guys were working even in this weather.

Some places were slicker than others. I noticed that the slickest spots seemed to be within a couple of feet of places where the previous snow hadn’t been completely cleared off. I think that must have been connected somehow. The church parking lot was just glazed ice. As was our driveway, and front steps. But we got home all right.

Rocky looked completely bedraggled when we got in. Until he shook himself off, of course. Then he just looked fluffier than usual. There were ice-crystals in his tail fur before we came in. His tail is so fluffy, though, I don’t think the ice came anywhere close to his skin.

Oddly enough, he didn’t need me to “Grrr” at him this morning. After he got his customary cookie, he just found a comfortable spot to lie down, and went to sleep. I think it’s because he knows there’s a storm coming.