Advent 3 — Riding Down to Bethlehem


Riding down to Bethlehem
Joseph and Mary went,
There to be born in Bethlehem
The babe whom Heaven sent.

Riding up to Jerusalem
The King whom Heaven adored.
There to die in Jerusalem,
The ever living Lord.

Riding down to Bethlehem
Upon a donkey’s foal
Seeking shelter in Bethlehem
For the one who sheltered all.

Riding up to Jerusalem
Upon a donkey’s colt.
They laid their coats in Jerusalem
So his feet would feel no jolt.

Riding down to Bethlehem
They found a manger stall
And shepherds came to Bethlehem
To worship the Lord of All.

Riding up to Jerusalem
The crowd would not be still.
But if no one spoke in Jerusalem,
The praise would ring out still.

Riding down to Bethlehem
Magi and wise men came.
Gifts they brought to Bethlehem
To the one who’s ever the same.

Riding up to Jerusalem,
He wished to gather them
Under his wings in Jerusalem,
Just like a mother hen.

Riding down to Bethlehem,
Mary pondered what she saw.
Wondering in Bethlehem,
What would come of it all?

Riding up in Jerusalem,
The crowds faded away.
But Judas stood in Jerusalem,
Making a choice that day.