New Shoes/New Slippers



We went out a couple of weeks ago and bought new shoes for my husband and me. Usually, I wait until my previous shoes are falling off of my feet before getting a new pair, but since my husband was buying a couple of pairs, I decided to take advantage of the sale and get some myself.

Right at the moment, I’m happy with them. They should be more waterproof (at least for a while) than my previous shoes, which were mostly canvas. But what really bothered me, was that they didn’t have any leather/plastic shield over the toes, like some do. So when I was out walking in cold weather (and with the dog, I walk a lot) I’d get a cold breeze in between my toes. Oddly, I don’t ever remember having that problem before.

These new shoes are leather (or pseudo-leather), so they don’t have that problem. Who knows how they’ll wear, though. They were fairly cheap, though. Hopefully they’ll at least get through the winter, preferably two winters.

I wasn’t sure the first couple of times I wore them for my long walks, my right ring toe kept rubbing. But I think that they’ve stretched just enough now that that’s not going to happen any more.

I also recently bought a pair of slippers, to replace the ones that I had for years, and never really fit well, or kept my feet warm and comfortable as I’d like. I got the new ones from L.L. Bean (though I only paid about a tenth of the price for them). The fur on the inside is quite soft, even through socks, and warm, even on the bottom of my feet.

They came with a note saying that these slippers were purposely made snug, and would stretch the first few times you wore them for a perfect feet. I’m glad they had that warning, because they were indeed quite tight for the first day or so. Now they fit fine, snug on my feet, but enough room to wiggle my toes. I’m going to wait a bit to see if they’ll continue stretching, or keep on being right for my feet.  Right at the moment, it’s possible they’ll go either way.