Missouri Weather



You’ve got to love Missouri weather. (Or hate it). A few days ago, we had ice and snow. Today the weather is supposed to get up to about 60°. Tomorrow we might get rain, might not. This weekend we will again have a chance for snow/winter storm warnings.

I grew up in Michigan, where, though our area usually didn’t get all that much snow, what we had could last for months. When we moved to Missouri, we had to get used to the notion that snow vanished in three days, no matter how much we got.

This isn’t entirely true, of course. Snow can come one storm after another without the time to melt in between. Or we can get a cold snap that prolongs things. And of course, the snow that is piled up in the corners of parking lots can last well into spring. But for the most part, it doesn’t last too long.

We’ve had a few good ice storms while we’ve lived here. Not too often, fortunately, but every few years. That tends to knock out the power for days, sometimes longer, as well as pulling down branches, sometimes whole trees.

But seeing all the tree branches lined with crystal clear ice, when the sun hits it, is one of the most beautiful sights you can see. Assuming, of course, you have a warm, dry place to view it from.

It’s been a few years since we had a real ice storm, so we’re probably about due for one.

I hope not, though.