Unfortunate Injuries


1498104_10201335953820759_115859920_oI mentioned a few weeks back that my husband had a couple incidents while taking the dog out on his bike. His hands weren’t recovering like he thought they should, so after a couple of weeks he went to the doctor’s and had them X-rayed. Turns out that he’s fractured his left fourth metacarpal bone. That’s the hand bone for the ring finger.

It isn’t exactly clear whether or not he’s broken a bone in the wrist of his other hand. He’s supposed to go in later to get that MRIed.

In the meantime, he’s got a blue fiberglass cast on his left hand (he’s left-handed). It leaves his fingers free, so he’s still able to work. I’m a bit surprised how far down the arm it goes. It makes sense that if you put a cast on a hand, it has to go on the wrist as well, but if I had thought about it, I would have assumed that it could have stopped about two to three inches above the wrist, rather than extending almost to the elbow. But I suppose that even ending the cast a couple inches from the wrist might leave too much mobility.

Until he gets the other wrist MRIed, he has a black brace for it. It apparently is more comfortable and feels better than other off-the-shelf hand support we got for him earlier. If it turns out to be broken, he might need to get a cast on that hand as well. (Though perhaps not. Apparently it takes about six weeks for a bone to heel, and it’s already been about three).

Hopefully, though, his hands have been healing for a few weeks now, and will continue to heal, the cast and brace just speeding things up a little, and letting him rest a bit more comfortably.