After Christmas Musings


We had a quiet Christmas with our family this year. We had Christmas with my folks a couple weeks back, before they left town for warmer climes, so we didn’t have anywhere we had to go.

We did go have dinner at church, they provided ham sandwiches, and everyone else brought side dishes. It was a fun little potluck, only enough of us there to fill two tables. I think other years they have had a lot more people there.

The snow from last weekend is mostly gone now. On Christmas it was still everywhere, though so covered with animal tracks that it wasn’t quite the blanket of white that you usually think about. Now it’s mostly left on the northern slopes. And roads like ours are still mostly snow-packed. Though even those are much melted.

We’re seeing more and more deer every year. It’s getting so that they come out in the daylight, not just in the early morning, late evening. Christmas night, I saw three of them, which scattered before I could show them to the family. Then a few minutes later, we all looked out the window, and there were six of them, digging through the snow and leaves to get through to whatever grass they could find. These ones didn’t scatter, until the dog stood up to look through the window, and barked at them. They scattered, and disappeared into the woods at that, but not as if they were in any great hurry.