An & Mattan Story, Part 1


A couple of days ago, I put up the first part of my An and Mattan story (I know, I really need to stick to a story and finish it before the rest of my characters can tell me their life stories.)

I’ve added about a page to it (more or less). I’m not putting things into chapters yet, the chunk up is just the size of one file on my AlphaSmart Neo (which I recently found out they aren’t making any more. 😦  ).

An & Mattan, Part 1

Also, I want to say that you shouldn’t name your main character “An”. It makes the spell checker/grammar checker cranky.

I have no idea if anything I’ve written is comprehensible, or what I need to expand or contract. I expect, for instance, that I really don’t need to have the story of what happened five years ago in there three times, though I don’t doubt I needed to write it three times for my own sake. (And I’ll try to keep both An & Mattan from telling it to me once again.)