Through the years in Birthday Cakes


We’re having Carly’s birthday party today. Jonathan once again has a special cake made. 🙂

This year’s cake & description are posted here:


Note: My nephew recognized it as soon as  he walked in the door.


Be Swift, Be Precise

Usually I like to write my blogs in the evening, and schedule them to post the next morning. Last night that just didn’t work.

After a 15-hour work day followed by a 13-hour work day, each with at least 2 hours of study and writing for the Master’s Program I started this month, the brain just wasn’t up to putting any more words together. It isn’t exactly cooperating yet today, which is why I am choosing a photo-heavy subject today.

I like to cook and bake.  And it just seems right to have a homemade cake for the kids’ birthdays, if I can make it. Somewhere along the line I started doing themes, and then the kids started asking for different ideas that I tried to do, some better than others.

So today I went through my photos of birthdays and cakes, to do a retrospective. I know some are…

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