An & Mattan Story, Part 2


Here, as promised, is the next chunk of my An & Mattan story. It’ll probably take me a while to come do the next chunk. I’m writing the story in sections, and the sections aren’t quite coming together yet.

So this chunk basically ended this section, and the next section is a few days later, after some other stuff happens which I haven’t written yet. As far as I know, the whole story line takes place within a two week period, unless, of course, I decide to end it eight years later.

At this point, though, I’m thinking that I’ll end it at the end of the two weeks (in which case, I’ve already got the ending written, though not typed) and deal with the eight years later as a separate story. Much like Louisa May Alcott originally wrote her “Little Women” story in two parts, ending the first part when Father returned from the war, and not writing the second part, dealing with marriage and death, until a few years later. Though of course, I don’t write nearly as well as she did.

I hope you enjoy it.

An & Mattan, Part 1