Water Main Break: Day 7 update


Be Swift, Be Precise

Click here to see video story of the water main break.


Well, it is Day 7, and the city has decided to solve our problem — with salt. See the response below:

Your request for service was forwarded to the above department for action. The department reports that your request for service has been resolved as follows:

Closed Date: 2014-02-01-

Solution: The Water Services Pipeline Division has treated the icy area. The water leak at this location is on the list for repair and will be addressed in the near future. Our crews will continue to treat any icing that may occur in frigid weather until the repair is completed.

A conversation we had indicated they don’t intend to repair the water main, since they will be switching us over to the new one “soon”. Of course, how soon is soon? We have a major snow storm coming this week…

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