Doors open, doors close


Doors open, doors close,
It is up to you to go through.
Wide doors, narrow doors,
Each leading somewhere new.

Some doors stay open forever,
Some quickly close.
Chances taken or forgotten.
Ending where? Who knows?

Take the road set before you,
Choose your doors with care.
Follow the path as best you can,
To the Lord who set it there.

The doors may open to sorrow,
The path might lead to bliss,
The road may be fraught with peril,
But chose the way that is His.

Each choice you make in the morning,
Each decision you make at noon,
Each plan you make in the evening,
Will limit your pathways soon.

The choices you make are real ones,
Shaping the road you trod.
Choose your doorway with caution,
To find the path that leads to God.