Don’t Dread The Pirate — a guest post by Dorothy Grant


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*This came out of a discussion over at my blog, and Dorothy sent me a guest post.  Because I’ve been sick, I haven’t done the roster for our rotating Friday Posters (Round and Round they go.  Where they stop, you’ll never know) so I’m using it here.  I promise to institute the rotation next week and tell you about it.*

Don’t Dread The Pirate — a guest post by Dorothy Grant

Why it’s silly to worry about piracy when you’re starting out.

Eric Flint, when starting the Baen Free Library, said “When you’re starting out, the problem isn’t piracy, the problem is obscurity.” Until you have a well-known name, the hardest part of expanding your audience and growing your sales is getting people to notice you exist long enough to take a look at your books!

There are ways to try to solve this – running ads on Project Wonderful…

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