Like the Book, Detest the Protagonist?


Be Swift, Be Precise

Can you like a book, yet really detest the main character?

Perhaps that isn’t a fair question to ask, especially when the book in question is a non-fiction book.

The Avondale United Methodist Church book club just met this morning to discuss Mountains Beyond Mountains about the work of Dr. Paul Farmer in Haiti and around the world through Partners in Health .

One member of the book club commented on Facebook about it being the favorite book he has read for book club of all the books we have read in the clubs existence over the past few years.

To which Betsy, my wife, made the comment this past week, that the more she read the book, the more she realized she disliked Farmer, and resented the space he took up in her head as she gamely plowed ahead to actually finish the book.

I kept encouraging her to…

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